Mike Lampman, California, and Hockey Bros

1976-77 O-Pee-Chee – Mike Lampman

There is no question that Mike Lampman is one of the best – and most underrated – hockey names of all time. In fact, it’s almost too much. It’s like a name they would’ve given a player in the Blades of Steel video game, or something the hockey bros would call each other on the TV series Letterkenny. A name like Lampman really should come up more often… which, I guess, is why I’m here.

Anyway, there are four key things to take away from this lesson about Mike Lampman’s hockey career:

1. He lit the lamp 17 times in 96 career games with St. Louis, Vancouver, and Washington between 1972 and 1977, which isn’t a lot, but he did score 34 in 49 games for the old WHL’s Denver Spurs in 1972-73, tying him for the team lead in 23 fewer games than the other guy and earning him his name.
2. He had an incredible head of hair in an era with stiff competition in the field of Great Hair.
3. Moustache.
4. He was the first player to have played youth hockey in Southern California to get drafted into the NHL. Not entirely unimpressive in the early 1960’s.

When his playing career concluded, Lampman, according to the internet, moved to Hawaii to work as a loan officer, which definitely isn’t anything a drug dealer would say they do for a living.

I’ll see myself out.

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