Greg Maddux, Intimidation and Moustaches

1987 Donruss - Greg Maddux
1987 Donruss – Greg Maddux

So you’ve probably heard of Greg Maddux.  Pretty good baseball player who played for the Cubs, Braves, Dodgers and Padres.  He ended up with 355 career wins, four Cy Young Awards, elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2014.  He pitched 198 innings over thirteen appearances in the postseason – now, he spent most of those with Atlanta so he only won one World Series, but still, overall he had a decent run in the Majors, before getting fat in retirement.

What you might not know is that he once sported a moustache.  You see, when Maddux arrived in the Major Leagues in 1986, he was just a few months past his 20th birthday, making him one of the youngest players in the big leagues.  He clearly wanted to look older, more intimidating, more menacing on the mound.  I’m not sure the moustache that he was able to grow really accomplished that goal, but overall, he must have done something right.

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