Bill Buckner, the Kansas City Royals and Black Holes

1990 Upper Deck - Bill Buckner
1990 Upper Deck – Bill Buckner

So, the Kansas City Royals are currently in the World Series.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see that coming in 2014… and wouldn’t you know it, they’re fairly likeable.  Hard to really hate a team like the one they’ve got.  Somehow, they’ve turned the also reasonably likeable Giants into the hated Yankees.

Now, since you’re watching the World Series, you might have heard of a World Series legend named Bill Buckner.  He was a first baseman with an unbelievable moustache.  Whether it was his fault or not (it wasn’t) that the Red Sox lost in 1986, he’s a bit famous for missing a ground ball that October that a gentleman named Mookie hit for the New York Mets.

While with the Royals in 1988 and 1989, a time in the twilight of his career that few remember, Buckner made his first trip back to Fenway as a player, and then he actually returned to Boston for 22 games in 1990, before staying away for a long, long time… but then, this happened.  Try not to get emotional.

But, let’s talk about the card above.  Do you notice the tarpaulin rolled up along the wall in the background of the picture which forms a neat little black hole between Buckner’s legs?  Well played, Upper Deck, you cheeky bastards.

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